Business Partnership Memorandum of Understanding 

This is agreement is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) and the partnering organization.
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I. Purpose & Scope

The purpose of this MOU is to identify the roles and responsibilities of each party as they relate to the collaboration of work-based learning opportunities and the promotion of those career/work-based learning opportunities.  

Per this MOU, the partnering organization and VLACS have an intention and mutual desire to assist students to:

  • See the relevance of their learning 
  • Master academic competencies
  • Earn credit toward a high school diploma
  • Earn a badge that signifies career acquisition of skill and knowledge 
  • Become prepared to enter the workforce
  • Gain insight into a career or careers
II. Work-Based Learning Options

The partnering organization can agree to participate in the following options:

  • Career Connections: 
    • Live video conferences that provide students with an opportunity to interact with industry experts to learn more about careers. Each session allows professionals to collaborate with students without having to leave their workplace.
  • Job Shadows: 
    • Unique experiences that allow students to spend time virtually or in person on-site, observing a professional on the job. During a job shadow, students develop an understanding of the different tasks that employees are responsible for in the career that they are shadowing. 
  • Micro-internships: 
    • Experiences that take place virtually or in person on-site at a business or organization and may be paid or unpaid. During a micro-internship, students complete tasks that are authentic to a career they are exploring.
III. Partnering Organization Responsibilities

The Partnering Organization shall undertake the following activities based on your selections for participation:

  • Participants must complete a criminal history records check, as per state law, before working with students. 
  • We use an organization,, to complete the check on the National Sex Offender Registry. 
  • Work with the VLACS Liaison to complete necessary check.  

Career Connections

  • Provide employees with the time to participate in a Career Connections session which is typically less than an hour.  Employees may require additional time to prepare for discussions with students. 
  • Sessions will be hosted by VLACS personnel. 

Job Shadow and Micro-Internship

  • Identify a designated representative(s) within the organization to work with students. 
  • Develop a schedule for student attendance.
  • Report student absence to VLACS staff.
  • Communicate with VLACS staff.
  • Provide safety training to students as needed. 

Micro-Internship Only

  • Provide students with a career/work-based program in which they observe or develop career skills.
  • Provide safety training to students. 
  • Provide support to students throughout the experience.
  • Share information regarding career/work-based learning opportunities with all employees to help promote the opportunity.
IV. Communication & Marketing 

The partnering organization authorizes VLACS to use its name, trade name, and logo on the VLACS website, social media accounts, and in other VLACS marketing materials for the purpose of promoting VLACS’s WBL programs. The partnering organization retains all ownership in its trademark, logo, and trade name.

V. Waiver of Liability 

VLACS does not provide liability insurance coverage for students participating in programs at the partnering organization's site. VLACS does not assume any liability for action taken by the student while at the partnering organization or at any other time.  The WBL site hereby agrees to hold VLACS harmless and free from any loss, claim, liability, or damage pertaining to any and all actions undertaken by any VLACS student.

VI. VLACS Responsibilities 

VLACS shall undertake the following activities: 

  • Develop a description of the career/work-based learning opportunity.
  • Develop a draft plan for a student to earn credit for completion of the work-based learning.
  • Support the student with an assigned instructor who is responsible for designing and assessing the demonstration of learning. 
  • Promote the career/work-based learning opportunity to generate interest and participation.
  • Share information about the partnering organization in order to promote their business or organization. 
  • Train the designated representative(s) for successful implementation of the career/work-based learning opportunity. 
VII. Funding 

This MOU does not include the reimbursement of payment of funds between the two parties. 

VIII. Branding


This MOU shall be effective upon the signature of the partnering organization's authorized representative and VLACS for a 2-year time span.
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