VLACS Transcript Request Form

If different than legal name

If different than legal name

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Sending Information
VLACS can provide an Official Transcript (mail only) and/or an Unofficial Transcript (email only). VLACS cannot email an Official Transcript.

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Who is Requesting this Student Transcript?

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Signed under the pains and penalties of perjury. I understand that entry of false information is against the law. See RSA 641:2, RSA 641:3, and RSA 641:7.

Additional Course/Student Details

Has this student ever been enrolled in the VLACS Full-Time Program? This would include students who have graduated from VLACS, were full-time but withdrew and students who are currently enrolled full-time. For a student to be considered full-time, they would have submitted a full-time application, completed the admissions process, withdrew from their local school and worked with a full-time VLACS School Counselor/Advisor.